Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Buy Employees to see their discount drastically change. (Shake their heads in disbelief)

Well, the time has come for Best Buy employees to give up part of their employee discount come Aug 1st. Come Aug 1st, Best Buy will cap the discount to 50% max off the normal retail price for all products & services. We're told that Best Buy calls this some kind of workforce optimization plan. They state it's to re-engineer their business model to fuel the company's growth. Huh????? Employees call it GREED, or at least that's what the majority of employees think.

There is outrage like crazy about the discount from employees. Employees claim that the only ones to get it seem to be the corporate people who are making the big bucks & who aren't that affected by it.

Here is our thought, as well as thoughts from employees from the company.

1. Why would you take something away from employees that has been something that is a benefit for working there? Everyone knows they get a discount working there, & it is no big surprise. This would be like taking food discounts away from people who work at restaurants, or free drinks from people who work at gas stations, or a host of other benefits companies give employees for working there.

2. Let's take a look at this whole change for a moment. What happens when you take a great benefit that is discount related away from an employee who can go elsewhere & get that same type of product for CHEAPER? Guess what? They will go to competitors to buy the product.

Employees tell us that they don't care if they work for Best Buy or not. If they can get a similar product on Amazon, Newegg, or any other retailer for cheaper, they will. Now why in the heck would Bet Buy want their employees to go elsewhere to spend their money? We guess they never thought about this. If they did, they didn't look it that closely.

3. Why doesn't the company look at other operating areas to cut money? Oh wait, because they are too lazy to do so. Did anyone read our post on the price labels & the waste Best Buy contributes? Here is our suggestion. Re-structure the way you do pricing & do the environment a favor & your wallets a favor at the same time. It seems it's much easier for Best Buy to change a page in the employee handbook & SOP as well as computer coding for the discount then to actually look at the way they operate & save money that way instead of taking a benefit away from the employees. Oh well, what do we know. Oh yeah, we know their warehouses are full of hundreds of labels in the trash they can't re-use because their sign system is terrible in the way it handles printing. Print one label & throw the other 7 away. Genius! & 

The sad thing in all of this employee discount thing is, is that the company STILL made 5% off of its employees before the change. Employees never did get products & services at cost. They always paid 5% above cost.

Now, Best Buy is going to say that roughly 94% of the SKU's including 89 out of the top 100 items purchased by employees will not be impacted. This is a bunch of garbage. We'll give you a list of items people have purchased at over 50% off. We can tell Best Buy is trying to calm the employees by stating this to them, & it's not working at all.

So what about comments from employees? Here is what they all have to say. While we aren't going to post 1,000 comments, we will give you an idea of how they feel about their company doing this to them,

"Why would I keep buying from here when I can go to Amazon or Newegg & get a similar item cheaper? Are you saying you don't want my money & that you want me to spend it at a competitor?"

"It seems to me you are doing this all out of greed, but because we won't spend that money here, you won't be making anymore money because I will be taking my money elsewhere."

"I am a part timer & a mother, & the discount is something that has helped me tremendously. I don't have the money to pay for some of these items I needed for my TV, but with the discount, I was able to get the TV & accessories." So now you are taking that benefit away from me & forcing me to shop online because funds are tight & I just can't pay what you want me to pay."

"It doesn't matter to the CEO or any of the corporate people making hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions because they make so much. The impact on them is small. I however am a college student, & the discount helps me purchase things I actually need. I guess you don't care about the employees who make the company run for you anymore do you?"

"Are you trying to upset your employees because you're doing a great job of it just so you can get more money. Oh wait, my money won't be going to you, it'll be going to Amazon now. I can't believe i'll be buying from our competitors, but you drove me to do that, & no one else. Way to go Best Buy."

"Why don't you look at other areas of operation to save money instead of cutting the discount. How about wasting money on pricing labels. Why not cut down on the waste which will cut down on cost? Oh wait, you'd rather not do the hard work & just cut our discount."

"Oh look, a $.79 cent Cat5 cable online & with shipping it's cheaper than i'll get here. Oh well, looks like i'll be buying from this company."

Anyway, there you have it. Best Buy has gone & upset the very same people who keep them going & now, these people will be taking their business elsewhere all because of this workforce nonsense they came up with. We think it's some fancy name they made instead of using the word GREED.

So if you happen to go to Best Buy & notice many accessories are gone, employees have been stocking up for when they lose their once loved benefit. After that, they will be increasing revenue for their competitors because you can bet your wallet that they will NOT be purchasing anything from the company anymore that they once got at 50% off or more. Many employees know what these items are & will be putting money in those retailers pockets that carry these items because they are cheaper & because they just can't afford to pay what Best Buy wants them to.

Our last word to Best Buy if they are listening....Your employees keep you in business & it's sad you are taking a benefit away from them. Some may work there just because, & some may be working there because they need a second job, love electronics & the discount will benefit them. Whatever the case me be, we don't think you looked at the whole picture. We think you looked more at your wallets as a company, took the easy way out & didn't look at other ways to do this so called workforce optimization plan or whatever you want to call it.

It would be a really sad thing if employees just quit buying product from Best Buy altogether & got everything online, but some may. We know they won't be buying the items they once bought for 50% off or more from Best Buy anymore.

Best Buy, you should be ashamed of yourselves & keep the discount the way it was for your hard working employees. You've taken something away that made them happy to work there & something they could look forward to when making a purchase. They actually probably put more money in your pockets because of this than they will now. You screwed up BIG TIME & you better think twice before you make it final. If you do make it final, you better look at other ways to save money as well as this is a cheap way out in our minds. In fact we don't think you'll benefit in any way, shape or form from doing this. In fact we think it will hurt you.


  1. The workforce optimization is separate from the discount change.
    They are now requiring part-time employees to be available 3 out of 5 weekend shifts and 2 other shifts during the week. A lot of people at my store, including me, will be losing our job come August 24th. Management presented it as getting rid of people who are just there for a discount and aren't there enough to keep up on the required training.
    Losing the discount is hard to swallow, but not as hard as losing a job I've put 4 years in to.
    Personally, I've averaged 25-30 hours a week for the past 4 years. But I can't work the new requirements, so I'll be out of a job. What a way to screw over working parents, college students and weekend warriors! I will never step foot in a Best Buy after my last day!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm in a similar situation as you. I too will be losing my job come the 24th due to this "optimization." Did your bosses tell you that it would be a "voluntary separation" or will you be terminated? Mine told me that it's voluntary even though its obviously not. Quitting means not being eligible for unemployment so I plan on fighting it. I just want to know if all Best Buy locations are handling it the same way.

  3. I called HR and they told me it was voluntary too. I didn't fill out a seperation paper and no one made me. I am going to file for unemployment and fight for it. They changed the rules that made me unable to keep a job I was willing to work. In my state, this might qualify for unemployment, but I won't know for sure until I try.
    I am sorry this is happening to you too.

  4. We understand that this is much more frustrating than the discount going away, & according to Best Buy, the workforce optimization plan is supposed to give full times more hours & part time employees who can work those shifts more hours as well. The problem is that requiring you to work 3 out of 5 weekend shifts as a PT employee is ridiculous.

    We know of a few employees who have been with the company for 10yrs or more, & they work 1 or 2 days a week & now they have to quit. These people have been hard workers for many many years & now they are out the PT job. A few are older people who just want something to do a few days a week like early morning ad-set on Sun. They price for a few hours & then go home. Well, now they have gone home for good thanks to the company.

    Best Buy seems to be going downward instead of upwards. We can't tell you how many employees are disgusted with this new "workforce optimization plan."

    For those of you with fellow co-workers who would love to respond, please do so & have them watch our blog & add us on Twitter. We can tell you that Brian Dunn is listening or at least lurking & sees this stuff. So nothing better than to express how you really feel.

  5. Best Buy tried to change the discount the same way 2 years ago but backed out when the employees got wind and they backed off, this time they apparently didn't announce it and just snuck it through, I left the company back in November of 2010 and really had no complaints working there, I just had a better opportunity come along, but I think its sad that they could not find other areas to cut costs, I was talking to some former coworkers the other day ans it seems the company has really changed over the past 6 months, everyone i worked with no longer has a smile on there face. I can see why the change in the shift policy, Best buy had a very bad habit of over staffing which limited part timers to only 10-15 hours a week when they wanted more (I was in that situation for a while). but they should offer some kind of grandfather clause to those who have been with the company for over 2 years in my opinion. I still own some best buy stock and when the next vote comes up I would urge all employees with stock to let your voices be heard. the next annual shareholders meeting is June of 2012. so max out your stock contributions and urge all coworkers to grab stock. it might not change anything but it is one way to let your voice be heard to the top.

    Ok if I had one complaint while I was there it was the restructure that happened in 2008 with the wage cuts and management shake ups in the stores that made the opportunity for advancement non existent, if you were at best buy back then, you know what i am talking about, and this new restructure has some eerie similarities to it. I think this may be a new tipping point that may cause the company to lose more money than they save.

    anyway I hope things turn around for Best buy in this economy, Best buy has some very talented people and the company is a staple of America and our communities.

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  10. I'm sorry but the fact that employees were so upset by this is ridiculous. I can understand being disappointed, but come on! your still getting things at up to 50% off! and if you don't hit that 50% your still getting the same discount (since the only thing that changes is the 50% cap). I'm sure there were many people who abused this discount, so it was smart of them to cap it so people aren't buying things at massive mark downs only to sell the same items online.

    1. Your an idiot. For one they track employee purchases, and see who is abusing it. Secondly this is a major benefit for people who work their, especially with the wages they pay. If this was such a smart idea, why did BestBuy bring the full discount back to its employees late last year? Maybe because it wasn't in the best interest for the company to keep that 50% cap.

    2. You're* an idiot, and honestly, there are many places to make 8.25-10.00 dollars and hour. Complaining about working for a company that already has high prices compared to competitors is idiocy in itself. Amazon and Micro Center almost always beat them in pricing, not to mention electronics marketing is a scam in itself, as they gouge it just like petroleum. Grow up, and find a new job, there are plenty of BMW/Mercedes pirates that don't enjoy working our 9.00/hr jobs so go get another one, there are plenty of them, considering most are whining and getting fired just like all of you. Grow up and do what you have to do to survive, while maintaining positive morality and not becoming a thieving pirate like most, welcome to life.

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  13. I worked for BBY from to say that I observed the first "re-structures" in 2003 causing some extremely hard working, talented dept mgrs lose their jobs..The company then decided to merge certain dept mgrs that were left over from the downsizing..this led to inept the computer dept mgr now leading appliances and home it then came down to the PT's in each dept appliances/HT to run the dept and do the job of the downsized mgrs left vacant..of course while still only receiving PT pay...the writing was on the wall back then that the business model of brick n mortar stores was severely behind the trending internet shopping..not only that but the "apples to apples" price matching policy drove away tens of thousands of dollars to the internet instead of the store...ROT in the hole you've dug careful of investing "stock" in BBY..I predict another ENRON when the big wigs secretly sell off and escape to Europe...

  14. I've got to really hasn't affected many products, and we still get an insane discount on a lot of things especialli accessories, so I for one am not complaining.